Text messages have made it easier to keep in touch and flirt with your crush. In fact, many people have used flirty messages to get their soul mates. But what makes some to succeed where others have failed terribly? It could be ignorance of rules that guard flirting over text. Some have scared their crush while others have passed as too boring while in reality they are very interesting. Here are some basic rules to follow.


Drop some old dating and gender rules. In this era, women are allowed to approach men and still form excellent relationships. Do not wait for the guy to text you. Take the initiative and begin the conversation. You never know where it will all end up. A text allows you to be as expressive as a guy would be. Take up the opportunity and do your best.


Always make your conversations fun. A simple hello starts most conversations but sometimes passes as mundane, flat and may lead to a boring chat session. Create a twist like including a photo of your current location, an interesting land mark, a place he or she likes, etc. Emojis are also a perfect way to spice up conversations. They make chatting lively and hearty.


Never break the obscenity barrier. This is a cardinal rule even for people who meet in bars or stripper clubs. While the conversation might boarder steamy, not everyone is comfortable with extremes. Use carefully calculated words and never send a nude photo. Some people will take off on sensing such level of extremity.


Make substantial jokes and keep them fresh. It is the desire of everyone to be with an interesting person. Jokes make you likeable and pleasant to be with. Use the jokes in moderation to avoid appearing as though you are not serious. Drop the old jokes that make laps on social media for decades. Make fun using contemporary and fresh ideas. The stale jokes will only give an impression of a boring person.


Only text for one hour. It is fun to send text messages at the beginning but the conversation gets labored as time goes by. A long chat will see you begin to use single word responses or repeating old questions and phrases. The conversation becomes boring. The attraction between the two of you is extinguished. Use messaging to keep in touch, plan your next meeting or cool down after a date. Anything more will be boring.


Mirror the texting habit of your crush. Some people like texting while others get tired very easily. Read the mood and behavior of your target and act appropriately. Where a message goes unanswered for a while, do not insist on sending another. You pass as a needy person and making your conversations to feel forced.


In all ways, ensure that your messaging is natural with no pretense. Pretenders are unmasked within a short time causing embarrassment and loss of trust. Your conversations should be lively and believable. If you ask a question, keep away from very personal subjects. Since the person can see you typing, complete any message you begin to type.


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